The emergence of 3D printing technology has created complete new possibilities in designing models. In stead of having to use a variety of different techniques and materials many (small) models can now be developed and produced at relatively low costs. Using additive engineering JS Models also designs fully operational models which are printed as one part. This means that producing a working functional model no longer requires labour intensive assembling of the various parts.

Since there are various 3D printing methods available, which all have their specific advantages and disadvantages, it is important to define the goal of a specific model. What is the amount of detail required, what will be the desired production volume, is it static or movable…. these are just a few of the questions which need to be answered before the design and consequent printing starts.

Another big advantage of 3D design is that there is no longer a need for extensive physical samples. Using 3D viewing tools any model can be examined before it is finally printed.